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Exalted - First Guild of the Exodar Realm Fighting for the Alliance (Renamed:  Wasted Knights)     
Shadow Bone Warriors - Noble Horde Guild on the Turalyon Realm
Turalyon:  Wasted Knights / Horders
Area 52:  Built to Blast / Angry Cows / Pandamic
Terakkar:  Leather Necks / The Reckoning / Horders

Other Guild News

Account Cleanup

Phear-me, Mar 13, 09 11:12 AM.
I have had multiple accounts set-up for various guild log-ins in the past.  I have cleaned up my accounts and will only be using Phear-Me at the present time.

Exalted Remains Dormant

NotchEx, Jan 13, 08 6:16 PM.
Exalted will remain in a semi-retired status for the foseeable future.  I will not let the guild disappear, but interest in rebuilding it to its former greatness just isn't there at the moment.   Being the first Guild on Exodar and the first guild to get a Guild Tabard in this realm was a rush that I can't let go of.  Maybe someday, we can rebuild!!!
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